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Ajay & Nikita Wedding Udaipur-11.jpg


 There was something extraordinary about the atmosphere in Lalit Laxmi Vilas as we entered its luxurious halls. Ajay and Nikita’s intimate destination wedding could have been taken from the pages of a modern fairy tale book, but combined with the magic of Udaipur’s heritage, it became our privilege to document every magical moment. Our role as photographers is not just to take photographs; rather, we aim at capturing each moment by wrapping it with its emotions and everything that makes it what it is. There were a great number of rare moments from an exuberant Haldi ceremony to a pensive wedding ritual before the backdrop of the setting sun waiting for our cameras to capture them.


Sundowner Pheras were indeed the highlight of Ajay and Nikita’s wedding—an ethereal event where the sun went down behind the horizon casting golden rays into the calm lake below and sublime Aravalli hills. In front of their near ones, Ajay and Nikita exchanged vows suggesting everlasting love and union.


As we bid farewell, it filled us with gratitude for being part of their special day. We at Keys and Blacks truly feel lucky to witness something like this and living it as it happen. 

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