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Neha & Sanjeev

June | 2021

They knew it. Time distance nothing could keep them apart from knowing.


It was always right. Always worth the wait.


Neha and Sanjeev met at a friend's wedding and fell for each other quite instantly. Patience and perseverance had a magical effect on both, an effect where difficulties disappeared and obstacles vanished.


"When I was questioning a lot of things in my head, the answer to those questions was Sanjeev". Born and brought up in a military background,  Neha found her prince charming Sanjeev, who proved that the sky is the limit and not just four walls. An Airforce pilot,  the man of her dreams all dressed in his uniform was all that she could ask for. Her love transitioned to a much calmer self and had grown stronger thereafter where she knew she can be there for him unconditionally.

Today, tomorrow and perhaps till the end of time.


It was instinctive the way he fell for her. Like an effortless intake of breath. Sanjeev believed in fate and destiny, but also believed that one is only fated to do the things that one chooses anyway. And he chose her, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds,  in any version of reality, he would still find her, and choose her.


Etched between " koii-aan milaavai Mayra, preetam piaara..Hao tis pe aap vaychaa-ee... Darshan har dekhan Kai taa-ee, Kirpan kareta satigur mayleh" and "om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathaman, dhanam dhanyam pade vadet" , this wedding for Keys and blacks was a beautiful amalgamation of two cultures ,so unique and absolutely beautiful. Capturing the 'Anand karaj' , where the gurbani and ardaas still echo in our ears and the beautiful pheras, kangnabandhi and kanyadaan became a priceless treasure trove of emotions.


When love exists on a soul level,  it becomes something entirely unique.




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