The art that gave me an identity. The art that's simply priceless for me. The art that was shared and appreciated across the globe.

There is no better time to make the prints of this prized possession available for all those interested.

I would like to use this art of my mine to raise funds to assist the the Covid affected patients who can't afford the treatment.

There are many ppl around us who are broken and yet hesitate to ask for help. It shatters me to see little kids losing their parents for this pandemic.
A crew member of mine has admitted his wife to hospital and she is in ICU on a ventilator. The family has done the best they could and are running out of funds for the treatment whilst the hospital bills are growing every minute. So much has happened and he barely asked anyone for any financial assistance. Why ? May be cos the society will look down, may be cos the society will judge him !

It's my sincere request to one and all to please talk to your known people and see if they are doing fine. It's only us who know them can help them at this critical time. No government will do. No CM , PM and XYZ funds that you donate to will help these genuine people. Please look for the needy around you before you donate to so called XYZ funds ! 🙏🏼

PS : The funds raised through this initiative will completely be used to help the covid affected people around. Also we aren't seeking for any donations but providing a product ( a beautiful art ) which is more worth than the money you pay for. So kindly do not judge or come to any unwanted conclusions !

Print Details : Archival quality 12*18 size

Black Panther

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