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Dina & Sunil

July | 2022

      It wasn't love at first sight exactly, but familiarity , something like 'Oh hello', it's you! it's going to be you. They just knew that they were meant to be together.

Hailing from the beautiful terrains of Assam, Dina found her consort Sunil who was settled miles across in the UK.
The beautiful amalgamation of cultures was a treat to the eyes. The ceremonies kick-started with colours in the air, beautiful rituals that concluded to a pretty and a sober, intimate , easy flowing yet surreal wedding ceremony .

Bridging the beauty of traditions with progressive ideas Dina and Sunil took their vows for a lifetime.
Their love traversed overseas before returning to India to mark the start of their next chapter.
Dina and Sunil's resilient chemistry  shined brighter with each passing moment, captured delicately to be kept as a memory for eternity . 

Raising a toast to all smiles and laughter, to every hope,to every dream , to the most beautiful memories, to Dina and Sunil.

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