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  • Are you guys still shooting weddings?
    Absolutely. We eat sleep walk jog and hog on food in Weddings. It's our favourite thing to do. So YES!
  • How Big is your crew ?
    We are an extended family of about 35 members. Once you book us you're a part of this family forever :)
  • How much in advance should i book you ?
    As soon as you are informed that you're getting married. We're just a call away. But a minimum of 6 months is a good time.
  • Do you guys travel?
    Yes ! We love to travel to experience emotions at weddings. And travel to have adventures to fill our soul. Sky is the limit. Literally. P.s not taking projects on moon yet.
  • Do you charge an extra amount for the weddings that you do outstation?
    Yes we include travel charges in the quote as per actuals and we expect you to host us for a few days so that we sleep well and get ready before you. Although our operational pricing remains the same irrespective of the shoot location
  • What kind of Travel & Accommodation do you expect to be provided for outstation weddings?
    We are not too choosy about travel & accommodation. Although we look for something that is clean, safe and comfortable enough for our team and our equipment. It is perfect for us as long as you plan two artists per room.
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
    We always prioritise your D-Days and block dates accordingly and refrain from taking any new bookings on the same days. As a result of which, the booking amount is non refundable. You can always find more information about this in the quotation shared with you.
  • Can we hire another photographer & videographer along ?
    We like to shoot unscripted and in a non-rehearsed way to bring out the max out of your big day. You wouldn't like two teams in a tuff about time and one getting in the others way. We assure you you won't need anyone else. As too many cooks will spoil the broth. Super-humans at Keys & Blacks will make sure you get whatever you have dreamt for your big day!
  • Are the prices negotiable?
    While we always try to fit in the best that we can offer to you, but filming & photographing weddings is a difficult and an expensive task & we do not like to compromise on our equipment or talent that could deliver the best for you. However if you still find the need to negotiate, our team can always help you out.
  • Do you provide same-day live editing ?
    We would love for you to see special glimpses from your big day. Although, Live editing makes sense only if you wish to display the prior events on the main day. Our super humans would require a minimum of six hours before you get to see a glimpse of your big day on the big screen.
  • Do you offer Live Streaming services?
    Yes. We do provide Live streaming services.
  • What is Teaser Video?
    This is a crisp cinematically handcrafted cut from your big day whose duration is usually around 40 to 60 seconds.
  • What is a Trailer?
    This film is a 2-3 minute cinematically handcrafted cut revolving around the couple and close family members to build and portray a story.
  • What is a Wedding Feature Film?
    This is a cinematic cut that includes a much detailed coverage of the ceremonies, first circle family and friends whose duration can range from 5 minutes and can go upto 20 minutes depending on a lot of factors.
  • What is Traditional Video?
    This is a form of end to end coverage where the entire wedding is documented. It includes Decor shots, rituals, first circle family, relatives and guests.
  • More Detail on Pre Wedding Film
    We boost the chemistry for the ones who are already in love and provide comfort and ignite the spark between the ones who have hardly known each other. Pre-wedding for us is simple, Sober and easy flowing. Kindly Don't expect scenes out of blockbusters.
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